It’s been a while since Sam and I took a trip, just the two of us, to explore and see something new. We’ve had some great trips with friends and family or to visit people we know, and we really love seeing the world this way. Now that I work during the week and Sam works most weekends, it’s rare we get a full day together…and when we do, we tend to socialize with our friends or travel somewhere to see someone. 

But as far as those trips focused on just the two of us, resetting our brains and talking about our dreams and fears and joys as a couple? Well, we’ve not had the chance to do that since early February of this year. These just-the-two-of-us trips are ones I really value. We talk about the present and the future, wander for miles, and always return from our adventures physically exhausted but emotionally fulfilled.

This weekend, we have two glorious days to ourselves over the long weekend. Rather than spend it tucked between the crowds on the Chicago beaches or continuing our urban adventures, we’re heading to the Indiana State Dunes after our long training run on Saturday.

We went to the Indiana Dunes earlier this year, for a few hours with our friend Ryan. The Indiana Dunes aren’t as beautiful as our hometown Sleeping Bear Dunes, but that’s ok. We’re not going because we want it to replicate a place we’ve already seen a hundred times. We’re going because we want to see new things and learn what other places in the world can offer to us.

Besides, there’s a lot to the Indiana State Dunes than just the dunes. There are a ton of hiking trails through bogs and wooded marshlands, which is something we can’t necessarily experience up north. It’s a very diverse ecosystem, and we’re excited to see what wonders and mysteries await us there.

We’ll be camping out on Saturday night and returning on Sunday. I’ll have more to share next week, in addition the rest of my California posts (feel free to read about San Fran and Oakley so you’re all caught up). There have been so many awesome adventures in my life these days…I can’t get enough!

I hope you all have a happy, safe, and adventurous Independence Day weekend!

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