Our Trip to Maui!

So…it’s been a bit since I last posted here. I know that it’s sloppy to be an inconsistent blogger, but truthfully, it doesn’t bother me as much these days. I’m managing to do plenty of other writing these days (both for work and for myself). There’s not a lack of words in my life.

Besides, usually if I’m not posting on the blog consistently, it means I’m too busy out living my life. That’s been my barrier for the past month, and I have no regrets. All it really means is that I’ve got a lot of things ready to share with the world in due time.

At the end of October, we took a 10-day vacation to Maui with Sam’s parents. I debated whether or not to bring a laptop with me, since there would be plenty of downtime for writing. In the end, I decided that what I really wanted was as much time away from screens as possible. Sure, I used my phone to take pictures–and to blow-up my Instagram–but for the most part I succeeded. I spent time with my “nice” camera, read two and a half books, and sometimes just stared out at the ocean. It was the perfect vacation away from technology.

Now that we’ve been back for about a month and winter is settling in, I want to take everyone to the sunshine and warmth of Maui. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting pictures and tales of our adventures in Hawaii so you can all get a little slice of paradise via your computer. I hope you enjoy this virtual vacation as much as I enjoyed it the first time around!

Stay tuned for some tropical goodness!

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