3D Carving and CNC Projects

“Boldly Go” Space-Themed Baby Nursery Mobile

Glitter acrylic, marble acrylic, baltic birch plywood, fishing line, and hemp rope When I found out my cousin and her husband were expecting a baby boy, I knew I wanted to make something for their son. Coincidentally, the Great American Total Solar Eclipse was happening right before the baby shower. Drawing my inspiration from the […]

“NOM NOM” Inlay Cutting/Serving Board with Dish

Cherry with Maple inlay Practicing my inlay skills! For this project, I wanted to include a dish to hold snacks for food pairings. The dish was designed to look like an almond (my second-favorite snacking nut after cashews) because they go well with fruits and cheese—ideal for serving and snacking.

Grand Teton National Park Artwork

Bamboo plywood Fun fact: bamboo plywood is one of my absolute favorite materials to carve. I love the way the plys look when carved at different levels, particularly with a v-bit. I made this project right before Sam and I ventured to Grand Teton National Park. Even though I made it in anticipation of our trip, […]

Harry Potter Koozie Stamps

Linoleum, stamped with fabric inks on koozies When my BFFFFFF Sarah was getting married, we threw her a Harry Potter bachelorette party. I carved out some small stamps featuring Harry Potter icons so the party attendees could stamp their own koozies. But, you know, mostly anything Harry Potter is awesome.

Harry Potter Wedding Sign

Hard maple Remember those Harry Potter koozies? Well, here’s the wedding gift I made for the same lovely bride. It features her new family name, a snitch, and the iconic Harry Potter love promise of “always.” This was an easy project to make thanks to Easel Pro and v-bits, but I’m really happy with how […]

Hexagon Trivet with Teardrop Design

Bamboo plywood This trivet was an experiment in learning how v-bits carve different effects at different depths. Additionally, I really like how the organic teardrop design integrates with the geometric hexagon shape.

Inlay Checkers Board

Board: bamboo plywood with leopardwood inlay; pieces: bamboo plywood and walnut I only have one photo for this project, but there’s a whole Easel Live episode about how to make your own! It’s essentially a series of inlays, but there are factors to consider if you’re doing this with CNC-assisted inlays instead of an end-grain […]

Mario Question Mark Box

Plywood, acrylic paint Flip-milling on the X-Carve….not my expertise. But I learned how to do it for an Easel Live episode! Flip-milling means carving both sides of a piece of material and at least 2 carves (one for each side of the material). It requires precise alignment and homing so that the project lines up correctly. […]

Rainy Day Fund Piggy Bank

Soft maple, acrylic I wanted to figure out the easiest way to carve a piggy bank in Easel. The trickiest part was figuring out how to get the coins out of the bank without figuring out a cork method or gluing two pieces together. The design allows for an easy removal of the acrylic sheet […]

Signs: Pinterest Artwork

Wood slab with live edge (variety unknown); hard maple Sometimes, it’s easier to just pull something from Pinterest and carve it out than design my own stuff. Such is the case for these two designs (I added the “SEEK” text in the second sign). Don’t worry, there’s nothing illegal going on here. Both these projects […]

Two-Sided Infinity Maze

Colored MDF, clear acrylic Using Easel’s maze-generating app, I created this two-sided maze. The maze path is carved down deep enough so that the clear acrylic allows the ball bearing to move around without rolling off track. My favorite thing about this maze is also the thing that made it hard to design: holes that […]