• a graphic designer and writer who dedicates her skills to organizations she values.
  • loves exploring the wild and great outdoors.
  • that person laughing too loudly in the movie theatre.
  • probably listening to One Direction at this very moment.
  • notorious for trying new things and dreaming a million dreams all at once.
  • really interested in catching all 151 original Pokémon but settles by merely obsessing about Pikachu.
  • a vegetarian, for fear of what happens in mass slaughterhouses.
  • dreaming about pork ribs, because they are delish and she misses them.
  • sorry she forgot your birthday. She’s really bad at remembering birthdays.



  • Georges Seurat
  • pulling carrots up from the garden
  • biking to work (or anywhere, really)
  • talking to her chickens, because they always seem very interested in whatever she is doing
  • running and exercise…honest!
  • temperatures in the high 70s – low 80s
  • comfy crew-neck sweatshirts
  • analyzing song lyrics
  • reading before bedtime
  • water
  • being outside whenever possible, but if she has to be inside she prefers to be at The Art Institute of Chicago or the Museum of Science and Industry
  • curling up on the couch, watching House of Cards or The League

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