Animal, Miike Snow - miike snow

When I first met my husband, it was clear we came from entirely different musical backgrounds. He grew up listening to Classic Rock; I want to barf every time I hear a three minute rock’n’roll guitar solo. I primarily focused on what people said in songs, so I was always honed in on lyrics by singer-songwriters; he still struggles to know the words to songs he’s known for years (to his credit, he’s the only person I know who dominates Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start The Fire” at karaoke). The few crossover similarities were our mutual love for N*Sync and Linkin Park, but I guess that’s better than nothing.

So when we first started dating, we tried to share some of our favorite artists with one another without pissing the other person off. I’d share some of the rock-ier songs by my favorite singer-songwriters, and he’d play it safe with some newer artists that bordered on “pop” instead of straight-up rock. The musical courtship was apparently successful (we’re happily married now and can mutually agree upon five CDs to put on shuffle in our living room) and the biggest perk was discovering some great new artists that I likely wouldn’t have found any other way.

One of the artists we found together was Miike Snow. They checked bits off both our lists: electronic dance vibes for Sam and thoughtful, ponder-worthy lyrics for me. Sam bought their CD and we were both instantly drawn to the first track: “Animal.”

“Animal” is more than just a catchy beat. The more I listened to the song, the more I was intrigued by the animalistic element in each of us


Animal, Miike Snow - world filled with darkness Animal, Miike Snow - in your eyes Animal, Miike Snow - Am i free or am i tied up Animal, Miike Snow - i change shapes Animal, Miike Snow - still an animal Animal, Miike Snow - when i slip Animal, Miike Snow - there is a hole

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