“Boldly Go” Space-Themed Baby Nursery Mobile

Glitter acrylic, marble acrylic, baltic birch plywood, fishing line, and hemp rope

When I found out my cousin and her husband were expecting a baby boy, I knew I wanted to make something for their son. Coincidentally, the Great American Total Solar Eclipse was happening right before the baby shower.

Drawing my inspiration from the famous Star Trek intro—”…to boldly go where no man has gone before…”—I designed this modern baby mobile. The letters are carved out of acrylic glued back-to-back with the clear fishing line in between, then hung from the plywood slats.

This was way easier than trying to figure out how to balance a more complex mobile design. As an added bonus, it looks far more modern than most baby mobiles that hang above cribs. This project could work as a wall hanging just as much as it could a ceiling mobile.

While I can’t say if my cousin, her husband, and their baby boy like it, I was really happy with how it turned out! I may use this kind of design for future art projects.

Boldly Go Nursery Space Mobile 4Boldly Go Nursery Space Mobile 2Boldly Go Nursery Space Mobile 1Boldly Go Nursery Space Mobile 3

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