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Rotary Charities is a 501(c) (3) non-profit public foundation in Traverse City, Michigan. While I was working there, I was in charge of the 2013-14 Annual Report.

The project involved working with our staff at Rotary Charities, in addition to coordinating with key members of the Rotary Club, Rotary Camps and Services, and NorthSky Nonprofit Network (a program of Rotary Charities). This was the first time all three entities–Charities, the Club, and Camps–combined their annual report into one document. I helped develop ideas for the content and gathered information for each element: quotes from grantees, data used in the infographics, supplementary historical facts, grant information, balance sheets, and reviewing key events for the calendar.

Additionally, I was responsible for designing the entire report and establishing a cohesive theme that translates across all three organizations. Utilizing each entity’s primary color and fonts legible for headlines, body text, and a plethora of infographics, the final product is visually comprehensive and guides the reader through each page.

My goal with this report was to showcase the great work of Charities, Camps, and the Club in captivating way, making effective use of visual data and the success stories of the organizations with work with in our community.

RC Annual Report - Page 1

RC Annual Report - Page 2 RC Annual Report - Page 3 RC Annual Report - Page 5 RC Annual Report - Page 6 RC Annual Report - Page 7 RC Annual Report - Page 8 RC Annual Report - Page 9 RC Annual Report - Page 10


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