When I moved back to Traverse City and was looking for ways to get involved in the community, I joined theTraverse City Area Public Schools (TCAPS) Alumni Association. My husband and I were both alumnus of the TCAPS school district (though we went to rival high schools) and I wanted to help the public schools in any way I could. They provided me with a great education from K-12, and public education is in a dire situation nationwide. The TCAPS Alumni association serves two purposes in our region:

  • Help raise funds for TCAPS programs in need (including athletics, music, arts,programs helping homeless students, etc.)
  • Generate an engaged network of TCAPS alumni to distribute information about TCAPS news, events, and fundraising efforts.

As a member of the board, I plan events, strategize ways to grow our alumni group, and develop marketing materials. We host a variety of small get-togethers during the year and put on the annual Crosstown Campus 10k race to raise funds for TCAPS programs. It’s enjoyable to design posters and Facebook campaigns for my old high school (and I guess the rival high school, too…)


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