Two-Sided Infinity Maze

Colored MDF, clear acrylic

Using Easel’s maze-generating app, I created this two-sided maze. The maze path is carved down deep enough so that the clear acrylic allows the ball bearing to move around without rolling off track.

My favorite thing about this maze is also the thing that made it hard to design: holes that allow the ball bearing to fall through to the other side…where there’s ANOTHER MAZE. Hence, an “infinity” maze: a maze that basically goes on forever and ever. I had to plan out how the holes would line up when putting the two mazes back-to-back.

There’s an Easel Live episode for this project, too, if you want to learn more about things to keep in mind when designing mazes for 3D carving.


Two-Sided Infinity Maze Ball Bearing 1Two-Sided Infinity Maze Ball Bearing 2

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