Growing up, I wasn’t one of those girls who dreamt about their wedding day. To me, a wedding is a celebration of love between two people and a public declaration of their devotion to each other. I feel like there’s a lot of hype about weddings these days, as if it’s the ultimate prize for a woman to snatch up a husband and claim the tile “wifey.” Sometimes it feels like the purpose of the wedding day is to validate the bride’s personal style, always trying to be bigger, fancier, classier, and of course, the BEST WEDDING EVER. It can be hard to see love through the tulle and buckets of peonies.

But at the same time, marriage is something I’ve chosen and my husband and I put a lot of work into our wedding. I designed all the materials for our wedding, and we put a lot of thought into how to visually portray our relationship to guests who might not know us as well. We planned our wedding together, incorporating elements that were important to both of us (baseball card boutonnieres and TRON cupcakes for him; a Black Keys processional and various chicken decorations for her) and presented the truest versions of ourselves as individuals and as a couple. It was better than any wedding I could’ve imagined as a little girl because it was a celebration of a very specific love I share with my husband; how could I possibly plan “my wedding” without him?

The experience of designing an experience around two people was one I wanted to replicate. I started a small wedding invitation design business on the side, working with friends or referred clients to produce wedding suites that brought out the character of both individuals. I still enjoy doing this for fun, so if you’re interested in looking for some help with invitation design, feel free to contact me!


KelleeRyan - Invitation


KelleeRyan - RSVP2


KelleeRyan - RSVP


SamMo - Invitation


SamMo - RSVP


SamMo - Map for Invitation


SamMo - Program


SamMo - Program2

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