Frank Lloyd Wright Home + Studio Tour

Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio Chicago Tour - Mo Stych Blog

Sam’s folks were in town this last weekend, which allowed us to take advantage of doing some of the more tourist-y type things here in Chicago. One of our favorite places we’ve visited since living here is the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio located in Oak Park. There are so many perks to living here in Chicago, but access to historic buildings by so many renowned architects is something we’ve really grown to appreciate. We’ve done two river boat tours and visited FLW’s home twice since moving here. It’s fascinating learning more about the people who shaped and built our city into the space it is today.

Even though this is a short post, I wanted to share some photos from Frank Lloyd Wright’s home and studio. I tend to take more detail-oriented photographs, but I feel that FLW’s penchant for intimate details lends itself to this kind of visual documentation. I hope you enjoy the pictures and visit this beautiful estate-turned-museum yourself!

Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio Chicago Tour - Living Room
Living room
Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio Chicago Tour - Living Room Fireplace Nook
Living room nook
Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio Chicago Tour - Living RoomF Furniture
Chairs and built-in couch in the living room
Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio Chicago Tour - Butler's Pantry
Butler’s pantry
Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio Chicago Tour - Dining Room and Living Room floors
Floor love

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Makin’ Waves: Big Changes


If you’re a regular reader of my blog (i.e. my dad, my grandma), you’ve likely noticed it’s been a while since I last posted. To be exact, it’s been over a month since I wrote on this blog. I’m not sure if I can even consider this a blog when that much time passes between posts.

While I don’t want to apologize for my lack of writing or come up with a bunch of excuses for my absence, I do want to fill everyone in on some updates in our lives. Maybe I needed a full month to fully process everything I’m about to share or maybe I just didn’t prioritize the time to write these past 30 days. It’s tough to say.

What’s important is that I’m ready to share some things now. Are you ready?

Here are the big changes in our lives:

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2016: A Year in Music


Am I a little late in getting this posted? Of course. I’m always late. But even so, I wanted to share a few of my favorite albums and songs from 2016.

The only criteria I had was that the album had to be released in 2016. Even though there were good songs “released” this year, the albums came out in 2015 and didn’t qualify. Sorry, T-Swift.

Here’s what I danced/cried/jammed to in 2016:


Favorite New Album: Coloring Book – Chance the Rapper


I saw Coloring Book before I heard it. Overnight, the album cover was plastered all over our neighborhood in Chicago. I had no idea who Chance was, so I had no idea what pictures of this guy were doing all over the city. A few days later, Sam brought some intel home from his co-workers that Chance the Rapper dropped a new mixtape, and the artwork we’d seen everywhere was the cover art from the mixtape.

Sam was all about Coloring Book from the start. He tried to share this enthusiasm with me on a road trip back to our hometown in Michigan, but I just wasn’t feeling it. It was ok, but I didn’t know what to make of it because it was so different than my normal taste in music. Sam was doing his best not to look dejected, because he was totally into Chance, so he kept trying different songs to win me over.

Then he played “Same Drugs.” This song (see below) transformed my entire perspective on Chance. I felt his vulnerability, his passion, and his creativity. In a moment, I recognized his genius and fell madly in love.

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My Most Significant Moment of 2016


I’ve put a lot of time in this final post of 2016. There are a lot of things I could write about because this was a very big year for me in terms of mental and emotional growth. Sam and I traveled to a bunch of beautiful places, officially moved to a new city, learned a lot about each other, learned a lot about the world, and truly lived this year to the fullest. How could I possibly sum up everything I learned in a year into one blog post? I already have a tendency to write too much, but come on. I wouldn’t even want to read that.

Instead, when I thought back on everything that happened in 2016, I realized that essentially everything I’ve felt in the last 12 months can be honed in on a specific day. To be more accurate, the entire summation of this year comes down to approximately 15 seconds around 9:00 pm on Sunday, July 24.

For 15 seconds, a gun was pointed at my chest. Then Sam’s chest. I knew everything I’ve ever wanted to know about myself in that short period of time.

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Journal Entry: Hometown, Nostalgia, and Trusting Our Hearts

We were fortunate enough to spend Labor Day weekend in our hometown of Traverse City, Michigan. It’s been almost a year since Sam moved from TC to Chicago, and I’ve been in Chicago for about seven months. Moving from a town of 15,000 people to the third largest city in the USA was definitely an adjustment. We’ve learned to live a little bit differently—in some ways life is easier, in other ways it’s harder—but now that we officially feel settled in our new apartment, Chicago is growing on us.

Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes - Labor Day Weekend in Northern Michigan, Traverse City, Leelanau - Mo Stych Blog Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes - Labor Day Weekend in Northern Michigan, Traverse City, Leelanau - Mo Stych Blog Pyramid Point Hiking at Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes - Labor Day Weekend in Northern Michigan, Traverse City, Leelanau - Mo Stych Blog

Previously, every time we’ve visited home in northern Michigan, it wasn’t easy to pack up and drive south to Chicago. We missed the open roads, fresh air, public beaches, home-cooked meals, and patches of grass welcoming an afternoon snooze. Those drives back to Chicago were tinged with the feeling that, somehow, I wasn’t strong enough to make our lives work in Traverse City. Like I did something wrong in the five years we tried to establish a life in our hometown, and it was my fault that it never felt right living there. When a place is so beautiful and peaceful it must be easy to live there, and I just didn’t try hard enough to be happy.

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Renegade Craft Fair Chicago 2016 – Wish List

All weekend, the Renegade Craft Fair filled Division Street here in Chicago. Lucky for me, it was only a half block from my apartment! I spent a few hours browsing (and, yes, buying) things from some of the coolest makers, designers, and artists from around the world. While I managed to snag some sweet ceramics and awesome art prints for our apartment, there were plenty of pieces that stole my heart!

Here’s a quick round-up of me wish list from the Fair. Links to the artist sites are below. A big thanks to all the vendors for inspiring me with your work!


PRINTS: 1 – Giraffe Print // 2 – Playing Card Quote Print // 3 – Mars Planet Print // 4 – Chickens Print // 5 – Totoro Print

HOME GOODS: 6 – Dino Pentomino Tile Puzzle // 7 – Leather Coasters // 8 – Kitchen Hand Towel // 9 – Wood Board // 10 – Geometric Dishes

Video Update: Move Craziness

Hey, everyone!

Good news: we are in a new apartment! Bad news: summer is jam-packed with lots of fun things (like vacations and travel) and time-sucking activities (like moving AGAIN). This means the amount of writing I’ve been able to do the past few weeks is pretty minimal.

Since filming is easier than writing, here is a quick video update and sneak-peek of our new apartment. Leave a comment if you’d like any further details!

Video Journal: 4/25/16, 10:33 p.m. – Updates from April (and my first video!)

So…with so many things happening over the past two weeks (both “adult” things and “fun” things), time has been a little short for writing. Rather than leave y’all hanging without hearing from me in a while, I thought I’d try something new: a video journal entry!

Check it out below, and let me know in the comments if you’re a fan 0f this format or not. I had fun making this, so maybe you’ll see more of my YouTube face in the future. Trust me, I do miss writing, but this saved me a lot of time (because I need that time to make/eat cookies).

Have a great week, everyone!

Move Update: One Month Later

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset


Greetings, all!

I am essentially writing this tonight to prove to you all that I’m actually still here and that I care about this space. The past month has been a little crazy—more about that below—but in a way I’m glad that my life in the real world has occupied so much of my time away from the digital world. 

So many things have happened in the past month, and while I’d love to spend time spewing all my thoughts about these various events and things, it’s probably best to keep this in a list format for now.

Living in the Windy City

February 2nd marked my official move date to Chicago, and I’ve been with Sam since then. It’s been a wonderful change of scenery, and it’s nice to be back with my husband full-time instead of driving back and forth between two places.

Working in The Loop

For a long time I wasn’t receiving any interst at the 40-50 different places I applied over the last six months. I had first interviews and even fourth interviews, but never an offer. Then all of a sudden, the first week in February, I found myself juggling two (very, very different) job opportunities and had to make a choice. It wasn’t easy, but I know I made the right choice by accepting a position at Inventables.

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