Thank you.

Since my previous post, I’ve received a tremendous outpouring of love, support, and insights from so many people. Believe me when I say that, aside from the day of my wedding, I have never felt such love and gratitude for all the people who share in our life.

My closest friends reached out and reassured me of their loyalty. Family members and relatives shared their inner demons and marriage struggles. Other couples (married or not) have reassured us that what we’re going through is not abnormal and worth fighting through.

Even people who lie on the peripherals of our social sphere have offered companionship, coffee dates, kind words, and a glimpse inside their own hearts.

To all these people and more, I can only say:

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

(And also, here is a photo of Grand Traverse Bay for you. It is one of my favorite pictures and it fills me with joy:)

Grand Traverse Bay Travers CIty Michigan Lake.jpg

Your words, gestures, and vulnerability make us feel less alone. You encourage us to turn towards each other and ourselves. You provide a safe haven during a very rough storm.

One thing I feel I must say, though.

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Exploring Boston: Day One

Boston Exploring - Things to do if you only have one day in Boston

We arrived in Boston mid-morning on Thursday, the day before our Ragnar Cape Cod race. Lucky for us, we scheduled our visit so that we could maximize our time in the city, meaning we had almost a full day to check out Boston before our Ragnar race started.

The T subway system put us in an instant state of confusion, but one of the station workers at the airport helped us get where we needed to be. Our friend from Chicago, John, was running Ragnar with us over the weekend and used to live in Boston. He told us where to meet him downtown and gave us a brief walking tour around the city.

Things to do in Boston - Navigating the T Rail SystemThings to do in Boston - Boston Public Garden Statues

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My Most Significant Moment of 2016


I’ve put a lot of time in this final post of 2016. There are a lot of things I could write about because this was a very big year for me in terms of mental and emotional growth. Sam and I traveled to a bunch of beautiful places, officially moved to a new city, learned a lot about each other, learned a lot about the world, and truly lived this year to the fullest. How could I possibly sum up everything I learned in a year into one blog post? I already have a tendency to write too much, but come on. I wouldn’t even want to read that.

Instead, when I thought back on everything that happened in 2016, I realized that essentially everything I’ve felt in the last 12 months can be honed in on a specific day. To be more accurate, the entire summation of this year comes down to approximately 15 seconds around 9:00 pm on Sunday, July 24.

For 15 seconds, a gun was pointed at my chest. Then Sam’s chest. I knew everything I’ve ever wanted to know about myself in that short period of time.

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Overcoming My Friendship Arrogance

Overcoming Friendship Arrogance

When I was in middle school, I met a group of people I quickly identified as My Best Friends. I’d never met such a unique, intelligent group of people and I found myself drawn to them instantaneously. Over the next four years we formed a tight-knit clique and spent almost all our time together. We did normal teenage stuff, like watch movies together and stay up late goofing off, but we also had complex discussions about history, politics, civil rights, religious beliefs, and the proper emphasis of “cream cheese.” (Is it cream cheese or cream cheese? The jury’s still out on this decade-old debate).

These people weren’t my first friends, but they were the first people that asked me tough philosophical questions and challenged me to better understand my own thoughts and beliefs. It wasn’t always what I said or what I thought that mattered, it was more why I said or thought those things. What influenced my knowledge? How did I defend my perspective? Why did I feel a certain way about something? For the first time in my life, I’d met people who were interested in what I had to say and why I was saying it.

My heart leapt for joy, and I knew I’d always love My Best Friends: nothing would ever come between us. As we all graduated high school and went our separate ways for college, I think we were conceited enough to believe we’d never find better people in the world than this group. I’m embarrassed now to say that we were that egotistical, but I know deep down this is truly how we felt.

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