Renegade Craft Fair Chicago 2016 – Wish List

All weekend, the Renegade Craft Fair filled Division Street here in Chicago. Lucky for me, it was only a half block from my apartment! I spent a few hours browsing (and, yes, buying) things from some of the coolest makers, designers, and artists from around the world. While I managed to snag some sweet ceramics and awesome art prints for our apartment, there were plenty of pieces that stole my heart!

Here’s a quick round-up of me wish list from the Fair. Links to the artist sites are below. A big thanks to all the vendors for inspiring me with your work!


PRINTS: 1 – Giraffe Print // 2 – Playing Card Quote Print // 3 – Mars Planet Print // 4 – Chickens Print // 5 – Totoro Print

HOME GOODS: 6 – Dino Pentomino Tile Puzzle // 7 – Leather Coasters // 8 – Kitchen Hand Towel // 9 – Wood Board // 10 – Geometric Dishes

Why I Believe in the Maker Movement

Why I believe in the Maker Movement - Mo Stych Blog

When Sam and I decided to move to Chicago from our small hometown in northern Michigan, I think a lot of people assumed that we accepted jobs with a higher salaries/pay rates. Full disclosure: this couldn’t be further from the truth. The reality is that we both took pretty significant pay cuts and moved to what most people consider to be a city with higher living expenses. (It turns out, this also isn’t very true. All things considered, the cost of living is pretty equivalent).

Honestly, it was scary for both of us to accept lower salaries when moving to the big city. However, in thinking about what we both wanted out of our future, we knew that we had to make a change to our lives. We had to take some risks and start chasing the other dreams living in our hearts. For Sam, this meant taking a job as a baseball analyst at a sports data company. For me, it meant becoming a part of a community that was totally new and exciting.

But I still had to find work, and it took over six months. My job search was really painful and stressful (more about that some other time). In the end, I found a place at Inventables. I started doing something entirely different than my career path so far, and I had zero experience in the industry.

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