Makin’ Waves: Big Changes


If you’re a regular reader of my blog (i.e. my dad, my grandma), you’ve likely noticed it’s been a while since I last posted. To be exact, it’s been over a month since I wrote on this blog. I’m not sure if I can even consider this a blog when that much time passes between posts.

While I don’t want to apologize for my lack of writing or come up with a bunch of excuses for my absence, I do want to fill everyone in on some updates in our lives. Maybe I needed a full month to fully process everything I’m about to share or maybe I just didn’t prioritize the time to write these past 30 days. It’s tough to say.

What’s important is that I’m ready to share some things now. Are you ready?

Here are the big changes in our lives:

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The Creative’s Dilemma

creatives dilemma

The internet is a productivity paradox. While it provides a wealth of information that I can utilize to grow my own ideas (fact-checking when writing, color inspiration when designing, or something new and awesome), the internet is also full of addicting distractions that I find incredibly hard to resist. I’m like everyone else: solid content is impossible to resist, whether it’s educational or just plain awesome.

Lately, I’ve found myself on two big (and entirely separate) addictions: Mad Men and Lin-Manuel Miranda’s “Hamilton.” These two things alone occupy all my free time and essentially put me in a position to not do anything except consume the creative brilliance of others.

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Why I Quit Facebook (For the Fourth Time)




As a self-proclaimed extrovert, it seems like Facebook should totally be my jam: friends, photos, stalking keeping tabs on acquaintances, the ability to “like” just about anything. It’s a social media butterfly’s dreams to have all that information right at my fingertips, from the safety of my sweatpants on a Tuesday night!

But here’s the thing: I honestly have a hard time loving Facebook. 

My relationship with Facebook is a complicated matrix. Trying to sum up the reasons why it makes me feel worthless isn’t easy. The best I can do is lay out my personal history with Facebook and share my thought process as this social media giant evolves, since I was a fairly early user (early 2007) in their target demographic (pre-college when it opened to public users in fall of 2006).

I first heard about Facebook as a senior in high school, when it was released to the masses instead of only users with a “.edu” email address. I liked the real world (and I still do), and didn’t understand why I needed a computer to interact with the best friends I saw every day, so I refrained from getting an account.

At college orientation the summer before my freshman year, many of the kids I met said, “Find me on Facebook!” or “I’ll send you a friend request.” I’d never been to college—and was sort of frightened-excited about it—but maybe not having a Facebook account was social suicide in college. Blame the power of the crowd, but I signed up the week I came home from orientation.

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