Journal Entry: 2/17/16 – in a plane heading east, 10:54 a.m. PST

This entry is the third part of a three-part series written in my journal during our trip out west in February 2016. Read part one and part two for more adventures!

The rest of our trip flew by pretty quickly, even though the days felt long most of the time. Jay and Britni met up with us in the Grand Canyon for the weekend, and together we went on a 3-mile hike into the canyon (6 miles round-trip), walked the rim, and took a shorter trek on Bright Angel.


The Grand Canyon far exceeded my expectations in ever way. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it was vastly different than the phenomenal trip we had there. Maybe I felt jaded or despondent about visiting there again after not feeling totally “wowed” the last time I was there as a kid. Or maybe it was because of how over-hyped the whole Canyon is. There are a gazillion advertisements lining the highways near the Canyon, plus tours, souvenirs, and swarms of tourists. So many different companies compete for your money and time, and try to to rope you into whatever it is they’re selling. Compared to the peace and tranquility at Zion, the Grand Canyon could be Las Vegas. At least, that was my expectation the closer we came to the rim and our lodge at the park.

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