As a Customer Success Specialist, my job is to help customers have a fun, rewarding experience using our products. This means I help them troubleshoot issues with their X-Carve or Carvey machines, provide a better understanding of our materials and milling bits, and teach them about our design software functionality. The majority of my job is working with customers directly via email or phone calls, but I also help with proactive self-support documentation.

My biggest project during the second quarter of 2016 was building better tutorials and user guides for our free online CNC design software, Easel. Easel is built so it’s easy for makers of all ages to design their project and send it directly to their machine for carving, but it helps having written documentation for people getting started with CNC carving for the first time.

I wrote a handful of materials based on common problems I witnessed in my Customer Success role. I added GIF screenshots to illustrate how to use certain features and wrote the articles so that a beginner would understand how to create a successful project.

Walkthrough Tutorial: Adding and Removing Tabs

Walkthrough Tutorial: Pen Tool